Luna Lamp

Luna Lamp

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I always wanted to have a 3D printer. Ever since the day I got one, I have been exploring a lot of things, beginning with the printer upgrades. I am glad to share about one of the projects that started last year, But I have finally managed to complete it.


A Lithophane is an etched or molded artwork in very thin translucent porcelain or plastic that can be seen clearly only when backlit with a light source.


It all started off with making a lithophane out of my own photo. I am sure you might have seen one of the similar kinds at an art studio, or you might have bought one for yourself.

Printing the Lamp

Progress at different stages

This is the first and longest step and even one single mistake/misalignment can make you print it again. So before starting we must make sure that the bed is properly leveled.

The configs I used for the print are as below:

Duration of print: ~46 Hrs (This is the longest print I have done since date)

3D Model: Moon lamp with base

Printing the pipes

Pipe fittings for the lamp

For attachments of the lamp with the wall, I have used one of the existing 3D models with some customization.

The configs I used for the print are as below:

Duration of print: ~6.5 Hrs

3D Model (Pipe): Pipe Constructor

Customizing Lamp Base

Lamp Base

I did some slight modifications to the socket.

The configs I used for the print are as below:

Duration of print: ~2 Hrs

3D Model (Base): Moon Lamp Base

Putting things together

Wall Socket (Left), Complete (Right)

Before hard wiring things up, I made some small changes like adding a connector between the driver and led light and a parallel connection for the 12V led driver. Next, we are only left with connecting the wires and tighten the screws.

Complete assembly

For the Led light, I have used a 2W warm white led with a 12V Led driver. The white filament that I have used has some natural yellow tint in it, making the lamp seem more yellowish.

Where can we go from here?

It has been a year since I have printed the moon. I have been procrastinating on this project since then, thinking about some IoT-based solution with it. But for now, I have made it as a simple night lamp :D.

When I started this project I had some ideas around making it time-controlled, using a motion sensor, or integrating it with Alexa. But for now, it is more important for me to see it complete and upgrade with these solutions if required.

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Angad Singh

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